Bacacay Rabbit Raisers Association (BRRA)

Bacacay Rabbit Raisers Association (BRRA)

Bacacay Albay

Founded Date: August 17, 2021

Bacacay Rabbit Raiser Association is registered and recognized by the Department of Labor and Employment. Bacacay Rabbit Raisers Association is Located at Bacacay Albay. (BRRA) commits itself to the pursuit of the following objectives. 1👉🏻 To promote the moral, social and economic well- being of all the members. 2👉🏻 To protect and uphold the individual and collectives rights of all members. 3👉🏻 To foster harmonious and progressive association through proper management. 4👉🏻 To strive for the adoption of legislation, policies and other measures that will promote the economic, social and general well-being of all the members,in particular, the working class in general. 5👉🏻 To promote the enlightenment of all the members in regard to their rights and obligation as association members. 6👉🏻 To engage in economic and livelihood projects for the benefit of the association. 7👉🏻 To provide social aid benefits to members, to uplift their plight and to secure for themselves human dignity. 8.👉🏻To contribute to the state its modest share of nation building thru self-help program as an NGO representing the labor sector. All bonafide Rabbit Raisers in the Province of Albay shall be eligible for membership in the association. Let's introduce Rabbit meat here in bicol as alternative source of protein.

Members:  15

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